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The NHS is 75 years old today!

I fully support the idea of a National Health Service….. here is some history of how it came to be and where we are now: The Emergency Hospital Service (later Emergency Medical Service) was established at the outbreak of World War II in 1939, giving central government a right of direction over voluntary and municipal hospitals. The service was a loose alliance of separate organisations, working together to deal with a national emergency, but paved the way for separate and competing institutions to come together as part of the National Health Service.

A Brief Look at the History of Medicalising Sex & Gender — Part One

The first F-M sex-change operation in a transsexual patient, i.e. the construction of a penis (so-called phalloplasty), allegedly took place in the Netherlands in Arnhem in 1959–1960. The first university-based gender clinics operated in the United States from the early 1960s to approximately 1980. During this two-decade period, doctors and researchers would attempt to find a cause and a psychiatric treatment (i.e., a cure) for transsexuality. They would ultimately fail in this search for an aetiology/etiologic cause and would move toward surgical and hormonal treatments….

Apotemnophilia, Paraphilia or Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), Dysphoria Resolved by Self-Amputation (GB 1992): Case-History 12-Year Follow-Up (2009) with Medical Ethical Issues— to 2023

READ ON MEDIUM HERE OR BELOW: Body integrity dysphoria (BID, also referred to as body integrity identity disorder, amputee identity disorder and xenomelia, formerly called apotemnophilia) REFERENCES: Mia @_CryMiaRiver Ottawa, Ontario & Jen @JenKTeach England, UK


Well cancer can be fatal OR it can be treated and go into remission. What path 4th wave decides to go forward with into it’s 5th wave will be Key. Cells send chemical signals to each other all the time. Normal cells obey signals that tell them when they have reached their limit and will cause damage if they grow any further. Unlike all other cells in the body, cancer cells don’t stop growing and dividing when there are enough of them, something in cancer cells stops the normal signalling system from working. So the cells keep doubling, forming a lump (tumour) that grows in size.